Making your first AI-generated animation with Deforum Stable Diffusion

Animated fan video for Frank Ocean’s 2017 single, Chanel. Made by generating ~1000 images with Stable Diffusion and edited with Kdenlive.


Let’s begin!

When you open the notebook, this is what you should be seeing.
Scroll down to this section and download the “sd-v1–4.ckpt” file.
Runtime -> Run all (ctrl+F9) will run every code block in the notebook sequentially
Your notebook has finished executing all of the code once this stops spinning.

Animating the images

So what do I do now?

Change only the highlighted part of the prompt (everything inside the double quotes).
“a dancer in a swamp, extremely detailed oil painting, rhads, sargent and leyendecker, savrasov levitan polenov, bruce pennington, studio ghibli, tim hildebrandt, digital art, landscape painting, octane render, beautiful composition, trending on artstation”
“angry cat, Modular Origami, insanely detailed and intricate, hypermaximalist, elegant, ornate, hyper realistic, super detailed”
“lizards eating each other:10, Adobe RGB, Sunlight, super detailed:4”

What does each parameter do?



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